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A Writerly November

Happy November readers!

This month I've wrapped up another year of tertiary studies - there's only one more year to go until I graduate! I've had some ups and downs this semester with my creative writing endeavours because my focus has been primarily on getting those pesky assessments done. Two of my courses were writing-based classes, and while both were dynamically different in content, I loved the journey of both endeavours. I've learnt a lot about the self when it comes to approaching non-fiction writing, along with the wide variety of mediums a writer such as myself can use to express a story.

Since I last wrote I have been re-elected as President of the UoN Writers' Club. So in 2019, in addition to my major project updates, you can expect to see some more info about the club's activities. We also released our inaugural UoN Writers' Club Anthology. It was a rewarding experience and I'm proud to have been apart of the editing and production team that brought that publication to life.

Now it's November, which means I can sit down and focus some time on writing the things that I want to be working on. I've recently started exploring the final book in my YA paranormal series (which I hope to be introducing to you all next year as a part of my major project *fingers crossed*). Since it's a fantasy-world-based series, it's been a very long process, and a somewhat complicated one. I'm also a perfectionist, so this tale has required quite a bit of construction to get all the elements just right.

That's all from me for now. Don't forget you can stay up to date by following me on Facebook, Instagram or Twitter.

Enjoy your summer, lovely humans.


2018 Goal Counter:

WIP Word Count: 1,500 approx.

Books read: 17

Short stories written: 7

Other (reviews, etc): 3

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