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Love For Maui
A Limited Edition Charity Anthology (2023)

Love For Maui_cover.jpeg

A collaborative anthology of romance short stories and novellas to raise money for Maui.


All royalties earned from the sale of this book will go to UHF - The University of Hawai’i Foundation. This is a respected organisation that has been working for decades to assist all citizens of Hawai’i. UHF is co-ordinating and delivering thousands of meals per day for people affected by the horrific fires in early August 2023. All money raised will directly benefit the people of Maui.
Contributors have donated all stories, formatting and artwork in order to raise as much money as possible to go where people need it most.

The romances in Love For Maui are sorted by genre and heat level. Inside this incredible collection are contemporary romances, historical romances, science fiction romances and shifters to

Release Date: November 14, 2023


Out Now! (Limited Edition)

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