Once We Were
A Novel © 2020

"Once We Were" is a novel inspired by my twenty-first trip to Europe (but you can read more about that story here).

This passion project has been supported through my tertiary studies at the University of Newcastle, whereby I have had the opportunity to focus on my developing my craft and implementing the skills I've gained through my studies in writing, publishing, and marketing by producing a final piece of work. I selected this piece as it was a story that has stuck with me since its conception and wouldn't leave my mind until it was perfected. Having the opportunity to use 'study time' to practice my craft has been a blessing in reminding me of why I got into the Creative Industries and became a writer in the first place.


With this novel, I wanted to explore the concept of unusual friendships that are yet all too real. The relationship between Bea and Alex is quirky and flirty, yet possesses a brotherly-sisterly affection that has been exceptional to explore. Being able to experiment with this through various workshopping opportunities has provided invaluable feedback in regards to this crucial element.

I am aiming to release this novel via Ingram Spark mid-September 2020. In the meantime, you can follow me on social media for updates and check out my mood board below. Plus, watch this space as we get closer to the launch!

More details to come,

- Keighley

Release Date: Coming Late 2020

Buy the book: Coming Soon


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© 2019 by Keighley Bradford

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