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Once We Were
Book 1 ~ Once Upon Love Series © 2020


Best friends or lovers? Nobody really knows.

But the relationship between Bea James and Alex McClay certainly stirs up scandalous rumours wherever they go.

Bea is flirtatious, witty, and knows how to appease a crowd. Alex is charming, determined,
and knows exactly what he wants. Their only rule? Honesty, always. Lies and secrets have no place in their relationship; any form of omission could be costly.


Take that one night in Paris, for instance. It was supposed to be a fun, no-strings moment; one that subsequently began their downfall.


Alex may have won back the heart of his ex-girlfriend-now-fiancée, but at what expense? Losing his best friend’s trust. Now Bea is torn between what to do: tell Alex the truth, and risk ruining the relationship she treasures most - or keep her greatest secret yet, and risk losing him once and for all.

Release Date: December 31st, 2020


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