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Life gets so busy and complicated that it can be hard to make time for your hobbies. For me, this often means writing gets pushed to the side. You'll probably pick up on my excitement when I do find the time (because I typically share that moment when it happens)! So what's new in March? First things first, I got a new job working at Yak Media, a UoN student publication. I'm looking forward to working with the team as one of their Promotions Officers for the year. I'm also still working on my WIP - the first round of edits are done! Now it's time to put them into the actual document and begin round two.

The highlight of the month would have to be the book signing event I attended, 'A Romantic Rendezvous', held by the Australian Romance Readers Association in Sydney at Bankstown Sports Club on the 24th of March. I had a wonderful conversation with Shannon Curtis (featured left image). She's honestly such a lovely human (she even gave me a free book because I'd woken up so early - 5:30am - to attend!) and managed to function like my usual preppy self by 10:00am on one cup of coffee. I ended up spending most of my time at her table just chatting. Afterwards, I met Jasmina Siderovski - Editor-in-Chief of 'eYs Magazine' (who is apparently a former Newcastle local - the third Novocastrian I'd met that day)! We talked about my degree and about what she does. I had also run into Maggie Nash again (after meeting her last month at Books By The Bridge). I was her first visitor of the day - an honour as I signed her little book (she collects signatures of her readers at her book signings, which I think is an amazing idea). Lastly, I had my books signed by Tea Cooper and Penelope Janu, whose works I've been anticipating reading for some time but haven't got around to actually reading yet. Next month, be prepared for my wrap up on Newcastle Writers' Festival, where I'll be volunteering once again.

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