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Library Lovers Day 2022

Hello readers and happy Library Lovers Day!

Today is a day that we love to celebrate love -- be it with our partners, friends, fictional boyfriends, or -- you guessed it -- our local libraries! Annually, Library Lovers Day coincides with Valentines Day, a day supported by the ALIA ( Australian Library & Information Associaton) and local libraries nationwide to re-engage and celebrate as a community our love of literature.

Libraries themselves are a great resource offering free public access to a range of paperbacks, eBooks, and audiobooks from various genres whilst still allowing authors of these works to be paid royalties when their titles are lent out due to PLR/DLR schemes. In addition to this (and depending on your local library), they also provide services such as author talks, regular community events like book talks/clubs, as well as other special events.

Show how can you support your local library and show them some love today?

  1. Give your local library a follow on social media

  2. Borrow a book from your local library

  3. Participate in any events or competitions being hosted by your local library. Many are hosting 'blind dates with books, some are curating walls with quotes on love, while others are running competitions or hosting other activities.

For those in my local areas:

  • Narrabri Shire Libraries are offering blind-date with a book, as well as prizes.

  • Lake Macquarie Libraries are featuring interactive displays of paper hearts

Image Copyright: ALIA (2022)

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