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Manic May

My wall calendar's inspiration for the month is "Killing It." It's safe to say that it more or less killed my immune system and made me sick. However, I knew that May was going to be one hectic month, and it certainly has been. Here's a little summary of my month.

Secret Book Stuff

Back in April, Secret Book Stuff  (a local kindness project) opened up their pop-up shopfront store as a lending library at The Station, Newcastle. I love the initiative behind the project and support it however I can, which is why last year UoN Writers' Club donated books to the cause, and this year I asked if they were interested in donating prizes for a fundraising event I was hosting at Yak Media - 'Yak's Biggest Morning Tea'. I was stoked when they got back to me with just as much enthusiasm, which is why if I'm telling you that if you don't know about these amazing humans or their incredible project, go check out them out. Their official grand opening for the shop is 2nd June.

Photo of Yak Team selling baked goods
Image © Yak Media

Yak's Biggest Morning Tea

On the note of Yak's Biggest Morning Tea, we raised $357! The event took place at the University of Newcastle's Callaghan Campus on the 23rd of May. There was a raffle, 20 club, baked goods and games. I had a lot of fun co-planning this event with the Yak Promo team over the last month and half. Unfortunately, I went home sick after a few hours and spent the rest of the day sleeping.

Group selfie of people around a table
Image © UoN Writers' Club

UoN Writers' Club Events

In other news, the Writers' Club has had a hectic month hosting events as well. We had our typical meet ups, in addition to several professional workshops. Our first workshop was focused on Speculative Fiction and hosted by Michael Tippett, and our second was Crime Writing with Megan Buxton. UoN Writers' Club also has a website now (still in progress, though!), the launch of which will be coinciding with the announcement of submissions for the 2019 Anthology!

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