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Newcastle Writers' Festival 2022

Updated: Apr 19, 2022

Last weekend, I attended the 2022 Newcastle Writers' Festival.

Anyone familiar with the festival knows that the last two years have seen the much-loved festival cancelled and postponed due to COVID, with the 2020 festival cancelled literally weeks out and the 2021 festival postponed due to the return of lockdown.

Thankfully, NWF returned to the stage at City Hall, with this year marking not just another year I attended as a fellow passionate writer and reader, but as the Assistant Volunteers Coordinator. For six weeks I worked alongside Sheree Kable, the Volunteer Coordinator, to help manage and coordinate a range of activities in relation to this year's festival volunteers in the lead up to and over the festival weekend.

It was a pleasure to work with her alongside the rest of the core staff team - Rosemarie Milson, Sally Elbert, Nigel George, and Zoe Drew - for #NWF2022. Though I didn't catch as many events as usual, I loved seeing how things operated from the other side at a festival this large. In addition, I meet some amazing new people who volunteered with us.

I cannot wait to see what #NWF2023 brings for the festivals' tenth anniversary.

PS: You can catch the 2022 Festival Highlights here.

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