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Social Media 101: Curating Creative Content (An RWAus Short Course)

I’ve been a writer for half my life, but it wasn’t until after high school, during my gap year, that I started to consider how I could turn my passion for writing into a career. I began investing in myself as an aspiring author by joining writing organisations and institutions, participating in local author events, as well as attending workshops. In addition, I’d chosen to study writing and publishing and university, with a minor in communications (before later completing my Masters with a major in marketing).

I knew from my gap-year studies that to make it today as a writer, I was going to have to embrace social media. Growing up, that wasn’t really my thing. Any free time I had was spent reading or writing. But I knew from my research and workshops that, regardless of if I was traditionally published or self-published – even more so if pursuing this pathway in particular – I was going to have to develop my online author presence, and that, though the goal of publishing was still years away, it was essential for me to start growing my online presence today.

It was during my time at university that I found my passion for social media marketing. Joining student media associations and founding a university writers’ club meant that I had to gain new skills in marketing these organisations to their respective audiences (and of co course, the best way to reach them was through social media!). Through these experiences, as well as my tertiary studies in communications and marketing, I gained a better understanding of marketing myself as a creative writer, and after implementing these teaching into my own practice, I saw a huge change in my following, as well as my post engagement.

However, anyone can start a social media account, and posting doesn’t necessarily mean you’re going to grow your followers, or that these followers will even translate to future readers. Take it from me, it’s not as simple as posting a photo with a caption containing #amwriting, and you can only post a pic of a computer and coffee so many times before people get bored and stop liking.

So that is where this course comes in – Social Media 101: Curating Creative Content.

In this course, we will be looking at curating different creative content to help keep your audience engaged, whilst also growing your online community. It will explore content across a range of platforms, such as Facebook, Instagram Twitter, and TikTok, looking at text-based, image-based, and video-based content creation, including posts, reels, stories, and more.

This workshop is perfect for writers starting to build their online author presence, or even for more established writers who are wanting to grow and/or harness their skills in content curation for socials. While it can be stressful learning new techniques on these platforms (because let’s face it, social media is ever-evolving), I do hope this course offers some tips and tricks to make the experience of social media marketing and content curation fun and enjoyable for you (as much as it is for me).


Enrolments close Wednesday 27th April, with the course itself kicking off Monday 2nd May.

Access is just $55 for members and $66 for non-members of Romance Writers of Australia. Access is for four weeks of content, with approx 5 hours of commitment.

Secure your place for this workshop here.

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