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'Surface Traces & Liminal Spaces'

Updated: Dec 22, 2019

Three local artists, Delores Barcala, Annika Thurbon, and Jessica Curry, launched their exhibition 'Surface Traces and Liminal Spaces' on Saturday night at The Creator Incubator.

The exhibition was curated as part of the trio's studies for their major project in the University of Newcastle's Bachelor of Creative Industries program. The theme of 'Surface Traces & Liminal Spaces' gave all three artists freedom with creative expression within their specialisations to play with the idea of transformative spaces, while also commenting and reflecting on their own transition from art students to practising artists through this experience.

Delores Barcala, Annika Thurbon, & Jessica Curry

Delores specialises in ceramics, with her "Perennial Inflorescence" (2019) installations focusing on the materiality of clay, whereby each piece within the collection is engraved with her fingerprint to reflect and comment upon the perceived fragility of the natural world, versus its actual impression that lasts beyond the anticipated lifespan. These collections were displayed in "inflorescence", with individual pieces crafted either with black clay or lumina porcelain and arranged in various forms of floral representation.

Meanwhile, Annika's sandstone and timber pieces explore the practice of stone carving, which was a new medium for herself as an artist. These stone works were carefully designed by Annika before being placed upon timber bases. Annika's interest lies in the ways organic materials interact and inform another, and as such this inspired her collection.

Jessica's photography collection, "The Exposure Series" (2019), is a series of black and white images curated through digital photography. These images focus on the female body and their complex nature, as the artist aims to explore the female form as a "structural element", showcasing the beauty of something perceived as both soft yet strong.

The night was packed with supporters attending the launch and purchasing works created by these three talented artists. After the speeches, the crowds remained gathered at the venue, mingling and admiring the creative pieces.

Go catch the exhibition before the 3rd of November!

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