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The Year 2018

2018 has almost passed, so I thought I'd do a little blog reminiscing on some of the highlights the year has brought.

2018 Goal Counter

WIP Word Count: 10,300 approx.*

Books read: 17

Short stories written: 7

Other (reviews, etc): 3

*Current work in progress, based off the third novel I've started this year.


- President of the UoN Writers' Club

- Published and edited the UoN Writers' Club anthology

- Volunteered at the Newcastle Writers' Festival

- Volunteers Coordinator at the National Young Writers' Festival

- Wrote for OPUS Magazine

Writerly-Events Attended

- Sydney Writers Festival

- Hunter Writers' Centre live-readings

- Newcastle Short Story Awards


- Started a website

- Started a blog

- Travelled to Italy, Greece, and Bali

- Passed my second year of my undergraduate degree

- Developed some lovely new friendships

- Completed 19/25 books of my Goodreads goal


2019 will be an exciting year as I complete my final year at university! It will hopefully also bring attending more writers' festival and writerly events, and many more amazing friendships.


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