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Update: Writers' Life

Not much has happened since my posting, but I thought I'd take the time to write a post about the little things that I have accomplished. Truthfully, I've been a little too busy to write (and yes, i know that it's not technically an excuse). My university studies are nearing the final week of semester, which means a tonne of assessments are due soon.

Typically I dedicate my Sunday's to writing my creative stories, but today I realised that I have been focusing a lot on work-related tasks over the last few months, and that in turn has been a major reason why I haven't been sitting at my desk typing away on a weekend. When you spend nearly five days a week studying, plus then you have other work to complete, you tend to avoid staring at words on a screen in favour of going to the beach or watching tv. Plus, being a writing-major can sometimes take the fun out of your projects. It has, however, added an appreciation for when I do find the time to write.

What I have managed to do over the last month or so is attend a writers workshop. It was an amazing break from reality. Karen Crofts from the Hunter Writers' Centre held a special workshop for the members of UoN Writers' Club. We explored finding ways to expand our vocabulary, discussed methods to inspire creativity, and revisited some of the basic elements of the craft. The workshop was enjoyable and essentially held great relevance to what I'm studying in my courses at the moment. It also gave me a space to zone out and write for a few hours, which I greatly needed.

Though I did say I haven't written much, I did finish a long creative work for my creative writing class. It's a piece that experiments with structure and is written in third person (which is a perspective I haven't tried writing since I was twelve). Because of the unfamiliarity of the style and having to focus on one particular element, I really struggled writing it and often found myself slipping into first person. Once I fell into a rhythm it was nice change, but I think I'm going to stick to playing with first person narration for a while.

Winter break is almost here, so hopefully I'll get stuck back into writing my WIP and have some more things to share with you shortly.


2018 Goal Counter:

WIP Word Count: 8,965

Books read: 13

Short stories written: 7

Other (reviews, etc): 3

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