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End of an Era: UoN Writers' Club

Updated: Dec 22, 2019

Over two years ago I was sitting on my bed scrolling through Facebook when I was prompted by a post to pursue an opportunity I had no idea would become such a core element of my creative growth. An unofficial UoN writing Facebook Page had been seeking someone to take over the page, as the current page managers were graduating. I'd put in my interest and heard back almost right away. I was suddenly managing a Facebook page with a 300-odd following - and uncertain of what content they wanted.

I'd seen posters floating around campus about the page six months earlier. They were wanting to take the page one step further by officialising it as a club with the university. I'd had the same dream - I'd desired a place where people could come together to write while also encouraging and supporting one another with their artistic practice. So that became my goal: formally gaining an association and support network with the University of Newcastle. With the help of my amazing friends (Tyler Bridges, Elizabeth Symington, Vaida Shaw, Gemma Ferguson, and Nika Mukherjee), we achieved this goal.

Over the past several years we've used the support of the Uni to provide opportunities for our members. These included hosting Write-In's (before transitioning to Scribblings of Serviettes), and introducing 'our shouts' (ie. coffee) at these events. During this time we'd also hosted a charity event, anthology launch party, among many other amazing events. We also developed a partnership with the Hunter Writers' Centre, whereby we further provide our members with the opportunity of free professional development for their writing, and to network with other local writers at their monthly live readings. Through SAFF funding, we were even able to produce and establish an annual anthology featuring, not just the members work, but the whole UoN writing community.

With my degree nearing completion in just a few mere weeks, it has come time to say goodbye to this passion project and start the next chapter of my life. I am very grateful for the opportunities that the Club has given me, and the skills I have acquired through the processes involved during my time as Founder and President. I am excited to see what the new Committee Executives achieve in this new era of the Club, and as such I wish the best of luck to Tyler Bridges (President), Maggie Hall (Vice-President), Tayla Needham (Secretary), Rachel Gleeson (Treasurer), and Stephanie Alcevski (Social Coordinator), who're the amazing Executives for 2020.

- Keighley x

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